For all the dreamers, creators and innovators and for all those who push further and simply want to get more out of themselves.

We can give you what you need at the right time - Premium Iced Tea that keeps you awake, focused and refreshed. So that you can keep going.


HAKUMA stands for the courage of imperfection, for quality and sustainability, for curiosity, honesty and respect. For the love of detail and fundamental convictions. With all that we do.


Our friendship is the foundation of HAKUMA. Without it we would not be where we are right now. Together we are looking forward to all the adventures that lie ahead of us.


For us, being rebellious means being straightforward. Calling things out with sincerity. Our genuine friendship gives us the strength to do so.


In all we do quality is our highest priority. We don’t produce anything that doesn’t meet our high standards. And they are top notch.


We produce in Austria, without using any artificial additives and as a climate positive start-up we are on a mission against emissions. And that’s only the beginning.